The production phases

The freshly picked coffee berries, once the cherry fruit is separated from the bean, and washed and dried is green. It leaves the plantations of distant lands in jute sacks to begin the journey of its metamorphosis until it arrives steaming in our cups.

The selection: The first essential activity

This is the first important phase where the foreign bodies and damaged beans are removed to then continue with the selection of the beans in terms of colour and size.

Blending: a symphony of aromas

Depending on the origin, the coffee has different characteristics in terms of aroma, taste, quality and persistence, and each origin has its strengths and its defects. It is the art of blending that makes it unique and only a deep knowledge of the characteristics can give life to a blend that, like a symphony, manages to create the perfect balance of aromas and flavours with the various types.

Roasting: A burning secret.

Each coffee roaster has their secrets, their recipes that are often handed down from generation to generation, and constitute a heritage. Roasting requires experience and skill in finding the right temperature for the right amount of time to obtain a coffee with a unique and recognisable aromatic profile.

Packaging: The crowning moment of a signature coffee.

Coffee lovers know that aroma and taste are everything. Freshly roasted ground coffee releases a scent and an aroma that must be stored and packaged immediately. The use of special packaging technologies and packaging that can maintain the characteristics of the product even for 24 months is fundamental in this phase.