The art of espresso coffee

A good coffe with the traditional MOKA

If you love the tradition, the scent and the aroma of the coffee that fills your kitchen, then prepare a coffee with a moka pot. No buttons to press, but it means starting a small ritual of sounds and scents.Even a good coffee with the traditional moka coffee maker has its rules, follow our advice:

Make sure the moka is clean and dry and that it has not been washed in a dishwasher or with detergents.

The non-calcareous cold water must not exceed the valve. The coffee to be put in the filter must not have been ground too finely and must not be pressed. Put the moka on the cooker over low heat and when it starts to come out, remove it from the heat when it is still less than half, then stir it before pouring it into the pre-warmed cup.

 If you used Etnacaffè Espresso Aromatico (100% Arabica), the coffee will be full-bodied with a light brown colour; for a richer taste we recommend Etnacaffè Espresso Bar (Arabica and Robusta), the coffee will be more full-bodied with a dark brown colour.

Whether pods or capsules, here are some simple rules.

You can enjoy a good espresso even at home or in the office, Etnacaffè produces a wide range of coffee pods and capsules for many types of machines. Small ones for the home or professional ones, coffee machines provide you with a great espresso in a simple, fast and clean way, just follow these simple rules:

Choose the quality of coffee based on your taste, Etnacaffè Espresso Aromatico (100% Arabica), with a delicate flavour or Etnacaffè Espresso Bar (Arabica and Robusta) with an intense flavour, you can find them both in pods and in compatible capsules.

Before inserting the pod or capsule, make sure the machine is ready, run a little water, which must not be calcareous, if it is then it is advisable to pour mineral water into the tank, position a cup that has preferably been pre-warmed and push the button for dispensing the coffee, which should be interrupted when the coffee has reached just over half the capacity of the cup, and after removing the cup together with the pod or capsule, it is advisable to run a little water to clean the dispenser.