25 capsules soluble barley compatible Espresso Point®


Try the new Restora capsules® soluble barley with a delicate and aromatic taste, compatible Espresso Point®.

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Soluble barley drink that can be consumed by everyone, ideal for breakfast or a relaxing break. An all-natural drink with the fragrance of roasted barley.

The brand is not owned by Etna Coffee S.r.l.

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single-dose capsule for 50 cc of water.


sugar, low-fat cocoa, milk serum powder, skimmed milk powder, glucose syrup, non-hydrogenated coconut fats, salt, thickening:E412, stabilizing:E340 ii, emulsions: E471, soy lectin, aromas.


milk and derivatives, soy.


24 months in original packaging, store in a cool and dry place.