Your coffè in compatible capsules and pods

The origins of coffee

The finest varieties of coffee come from the Southern hemisphere. Arabica and Robusta are the two best-known qualities that are subjected to a balanced roasting to give a perfect balance between flavour and aroma.

The entire Etna Caffè range

Espresso Crema Bar line for lovers of full-bodied coffee with a strong, rich and lingering taste; Espresso Aromatico line for those who love a more delicate and milder taste. Beans or ground coffee, in compatible pods and capsules together with a wide range of Ristora® drinks. 

Your ideal coffee

Unique, unmistakable, robust

Full-bodied, balanced coffee with a very persistent taste, an Etna Caffè espresso characterised by a persistent crema and a fine hazelnut-coloured texture with reddish reflections. It releases an intense and unmistakable aroma.

Caffè in cialde e capsule compatibili


Choose the quality of coffee based on your taste, Etnacaffè Espresso Aromatico (100% Arabica), with a delicate flavour or Etnacaffè Espresso Bar (Arabica and Robusta) with an intense flavour, you can find them both in pods and in compatible capsules.

Now prepare your coffee and enjoy a moment of relaxation